Outfit 27

I want you all to meet my alt Cervantos. I once created Cervantos with my RL boyfriend in the hope that he would join me online. After a 10 minute dance my boyfriend unfortunately decided that SL is “not his thing” and he poofed to never return again. When I met up with my good friend Stinky yesterday, he asked me if I would also blog male stuff. I said “of course not, they don’t go well with my boobs” and dismissed the idea. But later at night I thought “why not blog some male stuff” and logged in with Cervantos and made him my alt. So when I find items for men that I like, I will blog them for you.

The first stop I made with Cervantos was at the Slink store. I can’t walk around without my feet or hands on Liv, so it’s the first thing I bought for Cervantos. Then I decided to go the The Mens Dept for a new outfit. I rarely visit this event with Liv, since most items are for men. But I had so much fun shopping there with Cervantos! And even though my alt is a male, there is still a girl behind the screen. So I bought him this perfect pink jacket by K. This jacket is available in 6 great colors and all packs also include a female version. You can chose to wear the jacket with or without a t-shirt. The double scarf is also made by K and comes in 6 colorful rose prints. Of course this scarf also comes in a female version, so girls, you should make a stop at The Mens Dept as well!
I was happy that I bought Cervantos  Slink feet, cause at the event I found some really great sandals made by Covered. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a LM to the mainstore anywhere, not even in the designers profile. Nevertheless, the sandals are really amazing! When I was walking around the grid I had two girls (!!) IM me and they complimented me on my shoes. So guys, if you want to be hit one, get yourself a pair of these!


What am I wearing today?


! Skin CHRIS – Tan/Bundle – REDGRAVE
IKON Promise Eyes – Glass
Exile::Vindicated Light Browns
Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax


::K:: Tailored Jacket Pink
::K:: Double Scarf AntiqueRose Emerald
ISPACHI Mesh [Renwick Jeans] Blue
[C] LessThan0 sandal – mint B


oOo Studio: Radiant – four


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