Evan Truman at the Los Angeles LA Club 2020

Evan Truman final 2

Everyone knows that if you’re looking for some fun times, you go visit one of DJ Evan Truman’s shifts at Muddy’s Music Cafe or Big Daddy’s. What you might not know, is that this piece of eyecandy also sings! Tonight I had the pleasure to listen to him sing at the Los Angeles LA Club 2020.

Usually it’s all fun and jokes with Evan, but when he sings he knows how to touch that emotional note. His voice seems to be made for some smooth ballads, but he also delivers some nice more peppy songs like Ho Hey by the Lumineers. If you feel like requesting a song, you should! You might have a hard time picking a song though, ’cause his music list has over 234 songs to chose from! My suggestion is: come back weekly and suggest them all!

Evan Truman final 1

So put the date on your calendar: Wednesdays at 10 AM SLT @ theĀ Los Angeles LA Club 2020. Bring some friends (preferably female ;)) with you and have a great time listening and swaying to Evan Trumans songs. If you want to visit one of his DJ shifts, look Evan up in world to find his schedule in his picks.