Phil Setner at Windows On The World

Phil Setner final 1

After spending a very lazy Sunday in RL, I felt like listening to some relaxing music. I saw that Phil Setner would be singing at Windows On The World in a few minutes. Phil is known for his very romantic tunes and performing Golden Oldies. Even though I did not have a date, I was in the mood for some romance! And as soon as I toggled the stream I found myself drifting away on his warm yet masculine voice.

I decided to scroll a bit through Phils impressively long songlist. Artists like Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and Elton John are on it for your picking. I easily sent in my request to Phil by clicking the board and filling the pop up. I wanted to hear Frank Sinatra with Strangers in the Night. Why? I simply love that song! Luckily that was enough reason for Phil to sing it for me right away. So I just closed my eyes and let myself drift away some more.

Phil Setner final 2

The hour went by way too fast, so I accepted the group invite that was sent to me. Whenever I am in the mood for romance, I will check to see if Phil is performing somewhere on the grid. If you are looking for more information on Phil, click here to go to his website. If you want to impress your date with some romantic tunes, he’s your man to go to!


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