Russel Eponym at The Lighthouse Venue

Russell Eponym final 1

When you’re writing a blog about Live Music in SL, there is one name you have to write about: Russel Eponym. I have visited his performances many times in SL and I’ve never been disappointed. Russell is simply the king of British Folk music. He has been performing in Second Life for years now. If you search for Live Music in SL, his name will definately pop up.

Today he was performing at the renewed Lighthouse Venue. The owner of the venue, Quinn, did a great job decorating the place. It looks peaceful and there are some lovely nooks if you feel like sitting down. Russels music really fits this venue. Which is a good thing, since he will be performing here weekly.

Russell Eponym final 2

So there I was, standing on a beautiful beach, swaying to the soothing voice of Russel. His sound and guitar playing are so unique that it’s no wonder he has gathered an huge SL fan base. You will recognize the true fans easily, they will be singing along with every song.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for the whole 90(!!) minutes Russel was performing, but this might be a weekly gig for me to visit. If you want to visit one of Russels performances as well, make sure to check out his schedule. You can also find him on Facebook or of course look him up inworld.