Bubbles Courtois at Los Angeles LA Club 2020

Bubbles Courtois final 1

It’s Friday evening, afternoon in SL and I am getting ready to enjoy some live music. I plan to see a new artist at 12:00 PM at the Los Angeles LA Club and decide to hop in half an hour early to let everything rezz. Unexpectedly I land in an already crowded place. When I turn on my stream, I hear this lovely and warm voice singing soft tunes. I don’t recognise the song nor the voice, but it sounds very pleasant.

After a few moments, when I am finally rezzed (damn you wifi!), I get a glance of who is producing these beautiful sounds and I see this gorgeous redhead swaying on stage. Her name: Bubbles Courtois (trinity.ermintrood). Appearantly she has been performing in SL for a while now, but it was my first time visiting one of her shows.

Bubbles Courtois final 2

Next song that’s up: Fire to the Rain by Adele. I hold my breath, this is a tough song! But Bubbles starts singing and makes it her own like it’s no big deal. I am impressed and excited to what else she will sing. Lucky for me, her next song is one of my favorites: Linger by The Cranberries. Bubbles sings this with a soft but yet strong voice which almost makes me forget the original tune. No wonder she is the winner of SL’s Got Talent 2014 and AVI Choice Award WInner & Nominee.

A few songs later Bubbles encounters some computer troubles. Unfortunately this makes her unable to continue her show. Pro as she is, she asks around if anyone can cover the last minutes of her show. This gives me time to subscribe to her mailing list. I want to hear more from her!

To me, Bubbles Courtois is definitely a must-see when it comes to live music in SL. Make sure to take a look at her schedule here.


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