About Liv

About the blog:

I used to blog fashion, but have decided to dedicate this blog to one of my favorite things in Second Life: Live Music. I just love hopping around, listening to people sing and having a good time! I really admire SL artists for having the guts to sing in public, even if it’s through a screen. Therefor I won’t be writing any bad reviews or comments. Some SL artists might not be the greatest singers, but at least they put themselves out there and know how to entertain a crowd.

If you are or know a SL artist and you would like me to come to the show, let me know! I am always on the lookout for new talents to listen to.

About Liv:

I entered the magical world of Second Life in 2007 under a different avi and I got hooked right away. There are periods of time when I am not online at all, but after a few months I always return. What I enjoy most about Second Life is meeting new people and to explore new places. Also I love to shop and decorate my house. I have a few true friends in SL that I hold close to my heart.
You can contact me:
* IM or notecard to Liv Zerundi
* on Flickr
* or by commenting on my blog!

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